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Firm Blairite and Blunkett fan

I was pleased to see the coverage of the recent Socialist Educational Association elections in the latest copy of The TES ("Critics of Labour sweep to the fore", June 19). There are, however, a few inaccuracies which should be rectified.

As a Haringey member who was re-elected to the executive, I consider myself to be a firm Blairite and staunch supporter of David Blunkett. My opponents in the election do not have the same recent history. Robert Evans, for example, was a signatory to the letter from MEPs criticising Blair's reform of Clause Four. Graham Lane very publicly criticised Harriet Harman and Tony Blair for their choice of schools for their children.

The successful candidates stood on a platform re-affirming our commitment to the Labour party. We are also determined to play an effective part in its educational debates.

Simon Horne. Albany Road. Stroud Green. London N4

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