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First-day worries on moving up

Emma Williamson, 11, is in Year 6 at Warren Hills Primary School, Coalville, Leicestershire

I'm going to Castle Rock High School. My brother is there now. That's nice, but he says I'm not allowed to talk to him. I'll speak to him sometimes though. I thought the day I spent there was very good, I really enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to going to secondary school because the dinners are a lot better. They're really nice, especially the chips and puddings because you can have lots. On induction day I had chips, sausage roll and a beef burger. You can also have as many crisps and chocolate bars as you want at break time, but if you spend all your money you can't have any dinner.

On the first day we all have to meet up on the tennis courts and then we get sent to the hall. We go to our form rooms and get to know all of our other teachers. We get an organiser with our timetable in, so if you've got maths in the morning you take the books. I think I'll probably be really nervous.

My form room is nearly on the top floor so I'll be walking up the stairs quite a lot, which is quite healthy. You don't spend all the time with your form tutor, just for quiet reading and registration. I know my way around the school, I just wandered around at dinner time so I know where things are.

The worst thing is going to be PE because I hate running. I think it's awful. I hate maths too. We have to take a test when we have been there for a bit and got used to things. If you get high marks you go in the top group and if you get low marks you go in the bottom.

I'm mostly looking forward to making new friends and having new teachers. I've made loads of friends there in just one day. Most of my new friends are girls and one of the boys was OK too. The boys in my form weren't really nice but the older boys are quite nice.

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