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First post for teens in the army band

Work experience often involves making tea or filing, but for a group of young musicians it was a chance for a taste of army life.

A group of 26 students recently spent a week with the Band and Bugles of the Light Division, experiencing life as a new recruit as well as playing with the band. The scheme, organised by work experience charity the Trident Trust, aims to encourage more young people to consider a career in the army. And it is already reaping rewards.

Kate Godding, a 14-year-old clarinettist from Stroud high school in Gloucestershire, was the youngest of the group who mixed with army musicians and recruits at the Sir John Moore Barracks in Winchester.

She had never thought of joining the army, but her week's work experience changed all that.

"It has opened my eyes and definitely made me think about joining. It was a really good experience," she said.

The students were spared early morning inspections but otherwise treated the same as other recruits. A planned night under canvas had to be abandoned though due to rain.

Out of 180 students who have taken part in the scheme over the past two years, four have joined up and another dozen applied, a much higher recruitment rate than workshops with schools have achieved.

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