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The five ... Best fictional schools

1. Hogwarts (The Harry Potter Series)

With lessons ranging from defence against the dark arts to divination, it operates largely outside the curriculum. But pupils participate in Quidditch tournaments, so school life is rarely dull.

2. Springfield Elementary (The Simpsons)

Grossly under-funded and suffering at the hands of an incompetent administration, Principal Skinner and friends make life at the school colourful, if not wholly educational.

3. Shermer High School (The Breakfast Club)

The definitive high school in American popular culture, John Hughes' creation showcases a string of stereotypes: the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the criminal.

4. Shiroiwa Junior High (Battle Royale)

With classrooms being ruled by violent teenagers, teachers and the Government react by drugging class 3B, who awake on an island where they are forced to fight until only one survives.

5. Grange Hill Comprehensive School (Grange Hill)

A school affected by truanting, shoplifting, sex, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse was on our screens for 30 years.

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