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The five ... Best games to use in lessons

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Wholeheartedly recommended in the recent Steer report, this TV favourite embraces the multiple choice format and lets teachers indulge their urges to say: "Is that your final answer?"

Homework lottery

Use a pot and a book of lottery tickets and draw a ticket at the end of the lesson. The winner gets a night off. Raise the stakes by asking pupils to pay.

I'm a celebrity, get me teaching here

Pick a well-known face and ask the class to imagine how that person might conduct a lesson. So David Beckham might arrange the desks in a four four two formation, for example.

Thumb wars

A gentler take on arm wrestling, the winner is the person who can hold the other's thumb down for more than three seconds.

Feel a friend

Introduce massage at the end of every lesson by asking pupils to stand in a line and massage the person in front of them.

Ideas inspired by Rocket up Your Class by Dave Keeling.

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