Five reasons to treasure teaching assistants

We all know that teaching assistants are worth their weight in gold. Here are five reasons why we love them...

Nicola Davison

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Without question, a teacher's most valuable classroom resource is a teaching assistant. They are the perfect partner in the mission to mould the young minds of tomorrow. And what better way to express our appreciation than through song? So, here are five ballads that sum up just how precious TAs really are:

  1. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Aerosmith
    We are the bosses of behaviour management, the discipline dream team and the eyes in the back of one another’s heads. Between us, no shirt comes untucked and no paper areoplane gets launched. Our pupils are not only polite, but they're progressing well. In other words... we’ve got this.

  2. More Than Words, Extreme
    We are so in tune with one another, we can communicate using only our eyebrows. The most important signal of all? The furrowed brow, which loosely translates to: “Well, that was a disaster. Who could have known that having 32 children partake in the exact same finger-painting activity at the exact same time would lead to such mayhem? Not my finest hour. Time for a cuppa?!”

  3. Singin' in the Rain, Gene Kelly
    We will travel the length and breadth of the country for the sake of an educational adventure. Whether we're meandering through living museums, hiking up hillsides to explore habitats or settling ourselves for a traffic survey, you're there. Come rain or shine. But probably rain...

  4. Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler
    We are not afraid of observations! Well, you are not afraid of observations. While I'm cowering in a corner wondering how I'll get through the lesson, you remain cool, calm and collected. Your confidence-boosting words fill me with as much joy as receiving a "Best Teacher Ever" mug from a pupil. And the thought of that nice bottle of wine we'll share after school.

  5. Let's Stick Together, Bryan Ferry
    We've been through so much! We've bonded over bad behaviour, connected over the class assembly and agonised over IEPs. The things we know about one another cannot be unknown. Best stick together, huh?


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Nicola Davison

Nicola Davison is a former teacher and school librarian, who now produces content for TES Resources.

Find me on Twitter @nicolajdavison

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