The five ... worst exam howlers

1. Q. Give the names of two gases that might contribute to global warming.

A. Bottom gas and cow burps.

2. Q. Name one famous Greek landmark.

A. The most famous Greek landmark is the Apocalypse.

3. Q. What is a discrete random variable? Give an example with your answer.

A. A person that hides in the corner at parties, similar to the wallflower, but more unpredictable after a few drinks.

4. Q. What does the phrase "case study" mean?

A. It is a process whereby you sit and stare at your suitcase before you go on holiday, but not knowing what to pack.

5. Q. Discuss the style of Romeo and Juliet.

A. It is written entirely in Islamic pentameter.

Excerpts from F in Exams, published by Summersdale.

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