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Flakey thinking over ice cream vans

The fun police have struck again, and this time they have ice cream in their sights.

In Leicester, pupils' (and teachers') ability to enjoy an innocent Cornetto or Mivi outside the school gates is under threat.

The local council is proposing to ban street trading outside schools in a bid to fight obesity and litter, and to improve road safety.

The move is mainly to get rid of the burger vans that congregate outside schools, threatening healthy school meals. But ice cream sellers say they will be unfairly hit.

Tina Cox, a retired ice cream trader, recalled the golden years: "We started in 1939 with a barrow. My grandparents were pioneers - Italians - and I'm proud of it.

"If you're going to start all this, you're going to put all these guys out of business."

Local councillors have promised to considered the traders' views - provided they can have a free Flake.

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