Fledglings fluff their exit

IT was a drama that kept thousands of viewers around the world enthralled, writes Chris Johnston.

Now, with a sense of timing that would see them booted off any drama course, its stars have delivered the denouement while everybody's back was turned.

They can hardly be blamed. They're a family of blue tits, whose life from hatching has been updated every three minutes on the web site of a Lake District primary school.

To the disappointment of their global audience, they chose a weekend to fly the nest in the grounds of Ambleside CE primary.

Ambleside's websitehas had 20,000 hits since the National Trust hooked up a webcam to the nest in February. Mark Robinson, the school's IT co-ordinator, said pupils had been disappointed to miss the big moment.

The venture was made possible after Year 6 pupils took second place in a National Trust competition earlier this year. They installed bird boxes around the school with their prize money.

The school hopes the birds will star in future Net dramas - but hopefully not on WormCam, the reception class's wormery.


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