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Flintstones date humanist's diatribe

I find it astonishing that The TES has given space to another diatribe against creationism from the British Humanist Association ("Evolution of confusion", July 3). James Williams raises the spectre of evil creationists poisoning the minds of innocent youngsters. But, since my wife, an early years teacher, is often hard put to find any children who know that Jesus features prominently in the original Christmas story, I'd love to know where all this brainwashing is happening.

Mr Williams' efforts to shift the blame on to The Flintstones (rarely on TV), One Million Years BC (which no eight-year-old I know has ever seen) make his whole argument frankly laughable. By all means let science be scientific and let faith be considered in a different context, but let's report humanist McCarthyism a little more objectively.

David Gale, Head of ICT at a Surrey comprehensive.

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