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Digital flipcharts from EDpaX should help teachers get used to interactive whiteboards, says Pam Turnbull

Each CD-Rom in the EDpaX Whiteboard Lessons - Science Years 1-6 series consists of 25 flipchart sets comprising at least 25 pages per set, with notes, discussion points and interactive activities that can be worked through on or off the computer.

Take Year 1 Science, for instance. The graphics and animations are large, attractive and colourful. An apple tree offers all six topics set by the QCA Scheme of Work. Choose one and you start with a screen of learning objectives.

The pages can be used in sequence or as needed; some are teacher-led, others are interactive activities for a class or group. Each comes with teacher notes that can be accessed on screen or printed.

There is a range of tools, too. Along the top are the ones aimed at teachers - notes, reset and print options, as well as a magic box of tools, from half and full-sized protractors, to rulers, a blind and a spotlight.

Suggestions on how and where to use these are built-in as needed, but you can use them whenever you see fit. For instance, choosing the spotlight and blind tools are good ways of introducing a topic: you ask children to recognise materials as you move the spotlight over the page, or as you raise the blind a bit at a time.

Along the bottom are tools for children, which let them write on the board, erase work, highlight key areas or roll a dice, making activities into games. The CD-Roms are easy to use and a boon to those new to using, or unsure how to use, an interactive whiteboard.

Pam Turnbull is ICT co-ordinator at the Heys primary, Tameside

Whiteboard Lessons - Science Year 1


Whiteboard software for primary science, part of a wider range.

Price: pound;150 each; pound;750 per set Requirements: Prometheon ActivBoard or Smartboard, PC Tel: 01294 316535 www.edpax.com

Fitness for purpose ***** Ease of use ***** Features **** Quality **** Value for money ***

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