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Fly man?

Staff at Glasgow's Holyrood Secondary were somewhat taken aback by the method used to inform them of the identity of their new headteacher. The present incumbent, Finbar Moynihan, inserted an item in the school bulletin indicating that "the winner of the Holyrood Steeplechase was Mr Tom McDonald, HT All Saints Secondary".

This hitherto unsuspected talent for levity was given further rein when Moynihan went on to note that "the outcome of of the East Renfrewshire Champion Hurdle will be decided towards the end of the week" - a reference to the replacement for Jim "The Biscuit" McVittie, who is retiring as headteacher of St Ninian's High in Eastwood.

As happens on these occasions, the new man at the Holyrood helm was a topic of discussion in the staffrooms, with one worried teacher expressing the feeling that McDonald will live up to his nickname of Biggles - "because he will pilot anything".

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