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Fobbing us off with gimmicks

I think it's terrible that teachers will have to work harder for less pay because of the new excellent teachers' scheme. Surely it is impossible for teachers to work any harder! Their workload is already too great.

This scheme must be sending out negative feelings not only to existing staff but to potential recruits. After all, after five years, according to the National Union of Teachers, they will still be far behind the average salary other graduate careers offer.

It isn't fair for the teachers who will have to take a pay cut because their tasks aren't included in the scheme. It seems a manipulation of money whereby funds are being passed on from one person to another.

It is about time teachers were given the salary they deserve for a worthwhile and demanding job instead of being fobbed off with posh names and gimmicks.

Cindy Silvester 11A Bride Street Todmorden, Lancashire

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