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Food eats into lesson preparation

Forget Weight Watchers, Slimming World, The Atkins Diet or any fad weight loss programme on the market. Young teachers who have succumbed to temptation during the long summer break believe that starting a new teaching job will kick-start their healthy lifestyle.

Newly qualified teachers on The TES online staffroom forum have admitted that holidays can seriously harm their health and interfere with their fitness regimens.

One teacher said: "I have been eating so much this holiday while planning and preparing. Hopefully, when I get to school, I won't be able to constantly snack as I have been."

Another said that she had lost a stone on her last training placement, and was hoping to replicate this in her first job: "I've been trying to be really strict, but I am still not losing anything.

"I'm gutted, as I had visions of being able to buy new, smaller clothes in preparation for this year."

But for others, the move to a new job and a new area will only increase the problem of weight gain, with the lure of takeaways and new local eateries to sample.

One young teacher, who has moved to a new area for her first job, said: "I went to my new school last week and was amazed. There are so many wonderful restaurants and takeaways that I can see myself introducing very tasty meals into my diet."

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