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Food for life;Opinion

Science is proving to us what we should have known thousands of years ago - that food has a tremendous effect on the way we look, the way we feel, our health, our thinking.

So I think food, for all these reasons, should be very seriously taught at school in some way, in some very creative way.

Ours is a commercial world which is led by money, by profit - wherever you can cut some expense, food is the first to go.

It's terrible what one gives as food to children in schools today because it's bought in large catering places which manufacture processed food with very little or no nutritional value.

That's maybe where we should start, by giving better food in school.

Often kids are subjected to food - they don't often eat out of pleasure. But children today are very keen to understand better this environment we live in and how things happen. And I think they would absorb it far better if food could be taught through different mediums.

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