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Food poster pack

"A is for avocado" - and there is a little girl in a beautifully clear A4 photograph holding one. On the reverse side of the card we examine the fruit in more detail, with its shiny pebbly green skin, its pale creamy flesh and its formidable pinkish-brown stone.

The Caribbean Food ABC Poster Pack contains 26 such pairs of images. Each of the children is a real pupil in a nursery or reception class. Some of them smile directly at the camera, others look just a little more diffident as they flourish a Jamaican bun or brandish a pair of tamarinds. Some are plainly having tremendous fun making smiley lips from a pair of bananas or heaving a huge watermelon up on to a tiny shoulder.

The pack can be used in many ways, from a wall display to guessing games such as I-Spy. Some of the items - fish and rice, for example - will be familiar to all, but others such as dasheen and Irish moss will lead to interesting discussion about recipes.

Every picture suggests a rich choice of adjectives - is the ginger knobbly or twisted, the okra pointed or finger-like?

The Caribbean Food ABC Poster Pack (ISBN 9543595 52) is pricey at pound;50.00 but costs pound;37.50 if you buy two or more sets. For more details contact Primary Colours.

Telfax: 01484 421620

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