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Kate Schofield

GCSE FOOD TECHNOLOGY FOR OCR. Second edition. By Jenny Ridgwell. Student book pound;12.50. Teacher's Resource File pound;34.99. Heinemann. Available from TES Direct.

MEAT VIDEO MAGAZINE EDITION 4 - Product Development. British Meat Education Service.

Jenny Ridgwell states in her introduction that "Food technology is an ever-changing subject and, as a result, many types of resource are required". Yet this pack, on its own, goes a long way towards meeting the needs of both the full and short-course GCSE.

Immense care has been taken to ensure that the new specification is catered for and up-to-date information is provided. The changes are numerous and detailed, but the easy-to-use format remains.

The Food Issues section now includes BSE and genetic modification, three more food laws are outlined and food labelling regulations have been updated. The types of food-poisoning bacteria covered have increased, but reassuringly the new figures for food-poisoning cases show the first decrease in a decade.

Other significant changes are to be found in methods of production, using the digital camera and website addresses. Whether or not your students are following an OCR course, these materials are invaluable.

The Meat Video Magazine provides an information programme for teachers, followed by a student section featuring an industrial case study of the product development process for three Tesco meat dishes.

The focus is on the new product-development team rather than the food itself. Used with the accompanying booklet, the video gives a comprehensive insight into careers in the food industry. The teacher's information covers five separate items, including the new nutritional standards for school meals and British Meat Quality Marks.

Kate Schofield is head of design technology at Falmer High School, Brighton and Hove

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Kate Schofield

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