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Fooled again over parity pay deal

The TES, along with a few others, refers to the proposed FE pay deal as a "breakthrough" (FE Focus, July 25).

I fail to see how it warrants such a description.

First, 3 per cent for each of the next two years will not make any progress towards parity with teachers as they, too, will be receiving a similar figure. What is needed is a minimum of 10 per cent on top of whatever teachers receive.

Second, as many colleges have shown in the past, they agree a settlement with the unions and then proceed to totally ignore it and pay whatever (if anything) they want. The unions say they will be naming and shaming any college which does not honour the agreement. Well, that will have the Association of Colleges quaking in its boots.

I'm afraid that once again the lecturers' union Natfhe and the other unions have been duped. Either that, or they are trying to sell their ineffectuality to us as a breakthrough. How gullible are we? You would be surprised.

Mel Henshall

54 Manor Rise

Walton, Wakefield

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