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The Scottish Football Association has realised impressive results for its community programme. The SFA's annual report shows 621,446 schoolchildren took part in 2,642 community schemes in the past year. In addition, 6,601 coaches attended courses, which compares favourably with previous years.

In 1998, 491,955 children attended 1,526 events and 5,838 coaches participated.

Soccer sevens, the small-sided game for children, is now being played widely throughout Scoland. "The majority of primary schools are now playing the small-sided game," the report says.

"At long last schools in Edinburgh have succumbed to the prompting of SFA development officer Stuart Rafferty and they are now playing soccer sevens across the city.

"The support for this initiative was provided by the City of Edinburgh Council's education department, who have assisted with the transition from 11-a-side matches to trophy-free soccer sevens."

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