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A force to shape the future

The Economics and Business Education Association is the key organisation for teachers in the subject area.

Its annual conference, which attracts high profile speakers from industry, commerce and education, is taking place in Harrogate this week, April 10-12. On this year's programme are John Kay of the London Business School, Patrick Minford, one of the "seven wise persons", Ed Mayo, Director of the New Economics Foundation as well as representatives of the Schools Curriculum and Assessment Authority and the National Council for Vocational Qualifications. The prime objective is to keep teachers and lecturers up to date with business and economics plus events affecting the world of education. Sir Ron Dearing's view of post-16 education is a key topic both in the lecture rooms and in the social side of the conference.

The association acts as a pressure group to transmit the views of its members to those who influence and implement change. Its members are frequently involved in the work of SCAA, NCVQ and other organisation involved in shaping the future. Teachers, lecturers and students are supported in a variety of ways. Day conferences, designed to assist the professionals in developing and adapting to increasing demands are held at frequent intervals throughout the year. Participants include members of BTEC and RSA.

Student conferences provide young people with the opportunity to encounter the views and experiences of experts. Elida Gibbs' marketing people recently had the students in the palm of their hands as they told them about how they set about selling Faberge.

The journal Economics and Business Education comes out quarterly and is full of articles, reviews and information about what's going on. The Catalyst, included each time, provides photocopiable material suitable for classroom use. Curriculum development is high on the association's agenda. Core Economics (Heinemann) is one of the products of the 16-19 Project, which helps develop new approaches to economics in the classroom.

Recently a partnership approach has been developed and the association is involved in two key areas. The first is the Nuffield-BP Business and Economics Project with its new GCSE course which unites the two subjects.

The second venture is Bized on the Net, which makes the Internet accessible and relevant to students. The association's members are its life blood. Many are involved in its growing activity through working groups covering the whole sphere of economics and business education.

If you would like more information or to become actively involved, contact Carole Dyer at the EBEA, 1a Keymer Road, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8AD. Tel 01273 846033 or email: ebeah@pavilion.

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