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Forced to shed pounds

All Hallows: 11 to 18 Catholic comprehensive in Macclesfield.

Budget: Pounds 2 million Cuts: Pounds 80,000. Staff reduced by two. A-level design, theatre studies and home economics phased out. Economics and business studies combined. Ancillary staff hours in information technology cut. Improvements in computing and science on hold.

Hellesdon high: 12 to 18 comprehensive in Norwich Budget: Pounds 2.3m - has a Pounds 100,000 shortfall and balances of Pounds 20,000 have already been allocated.

Cuts: teaching staff reduced from 68 to 65.8. Capitation cut by Pounds 12,000 and building programme by Pounds 40,000. Out-of-date IT equipment not being replaced and maintenance and furniture budgets cut. Post-16 curriculum slimmed down. Some staff have left voluntarily, but there has been one compulsory redundancy.

Smithills: 11 to 16 comprehensive in Bolton Budget: Pounds 2.8m - overspent by Pounds 10,414 over the past two years.

Cuts: faculty spending reduced by 17 per cent. Teaching staff cut from 90.4 to 85.4 despite roll rising by 20. Pupil:teacher ratio rose from 15.9:1 to 17:1. One of the staff to go was a deputy head, increasing the workload of the head and remaining two deputies. This September school employed three new staff, but because of rising rolls PTR remains the same.

Kingstone high: 11 to 16 comprehensive in Hereford.

Budget: Pounds 1.1m - funding grew by 5 per cent growth this year - but staff costs rose by 6 per cent.

Cuts: teaching staff from 36 to 35.5 full-time equivalents, with an increase in the PTR from 16.8:1 to 17.2:1. Three promoted posts frozen, funding to all departments is at the same level for the third successive year. School has moved from five-form entry to four-form entry in Year 7 so classes will rise from 24 to 29 pupils.

Plant Hill high: 11 to 16 comprehensive in Manchester Budget: Pounds 1. 3m Cuts: Pounds 15,744. Department capitation static for the third year running, old computers not replaced. Maintenance cut from Pounds 50,000 to Pounds 15,000. Outdoor facilities require Pounds 25,000.

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