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Foreign words by cartoon

The Linguawheel (see TES Teacher survey, July 4 2003) encourages key stage 1 and 2 children to extend their skills in French, Spanish or Welsh. New supporting resources include packs of robust picture flash-cards (20 x 14 cm) in attractive cartoon format. A goofy grinning lapin, a friendly cud-chewing vache and an eager panting chien can easily be recognised in French or translated into their English equivalents. Other topics range from families and schools to sports and food. The same pictures are also available as magnets with the captions on a separate strip for revision. Flash-cards are pound;5.99 per set and magnets pound;7.99 per set from Linguawheel, Lavender House, Vauxhall Lane, Ardens Grafton B49 6DN TelFax: 01789 491659

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