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Forthcoming events

14 December (Gloucester)

Institute of Physics Teachmeet

The High School for Girls, Gloucester, 5-6.30pm

A special Teachmeet organised by the Institute of Physics to give physics teachers a chance to share their subject-specific approaches. (Free)


31 January (Roehampton)

Teachmeet Roehampton

Grove House, Froebel College, 6-9pm

Classic Teachmeet for those interested in teaching, whether experienced staff or student teachers. http:bit.lynzVfQA

8 February (Bradford)

Teachmeet Bradford - Count Me In

The Innovation Centre, Bradford, 5-8pm

A classic informal Teachmeet for teachers to share ideas they have trialled in the classroom. A selection of Asian food will be provided by the Innovation Centres. #tmbradfordcmi


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