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'Fortress' measures on safety

Safety in schools was the conference's opening preoccupation, as the Dunblane killings cast a shadow. The conference backed calls for security cameras to be installed at all school entrances and for one-point entry to buildings.

These, together with other measures such as automatic alarm links to police stations, will form the basis of the NAS submission to the Cullen inquiry which begins taking evidence on May 29.

John Milgrew, Glasgow, said his son would start school in August and added: "If it means his safety then, yes, I want that school turned into a fortress. "

Mr Milgrew, who teaches at Glasgow's 1,200-pupil Holyrood Secondary, said security measures there included a janitor stationed permanently at the main door. Visitors were vetted and issued with name tags. Security cameras were to be installed shortly.

Jack Duffy, a member of the executive, said these were exactly the measures in place in local council offices. "It seems it is good enough to protect directors of education from irate teachers but not teachers in their places of work," Mr Duffy said.

Ken Fee, Penilee Secondary in Glasgow, suggested setting up a national league table to show how safe schools were.

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