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Forum response: Patchwork of curriculum models could come unstitched (30 march)

I'm in primary and had absolutely no idea of the ramifications of the 3+3 model until very recently. I'm a parent of an S1 pupil and am none too pleased about the possibility of reduced subject choice further up the school. Sorry, not reduced subject choice, reduced qualification choice.

I don't care what Mike Russell says, universities aren't going to be interested in short courses, printed certificates from schools saying, "Well done, you turned up to 10 hours of drama lessons". They will want proper exams and I can't imagine any teacher wanting the prospect of three year groups fired into one class, even if they are supposed to be teaching the same course.

It's bad enough in a composite situation in primary and to me just looks like a convenient way to lose a few more teaching posts. Parents do need to be made more aware of this - they're the ones who can kick up a fuss.

ready for the weekend.

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