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Teacher absence: whose business is it?

My school puts up the reason that staff are absent on the board for all to see. I think the most appalling was "child" given as the reason for a poor lady who was off due to a miscarriage.


In my previous school, I was off sick for a whole term. My delightful headteacher not only told people that I was seriously ill, but also told people that he had seen me, and that I was so ill that I wanted no contact from anyone. It wasn't true .


I remember one chap, a couple of years ago, telling me that his school rang him on his mobile for cover work while he was at his father's funeral.


One of the admin staff at my college got into a LOT of trouble a few years ago, when she sent an all-staff email suggesting that anyone who had been in recent contact with me should beware because I had swine flu.


My last school used to put "ill" if you were ill, but anything else was clearly stated, including "interview", even if you didn't want the rest of the staff to know. When I had a breakdown and returned after 15 months, I discovered on the first day that all the pupils had been told why I had been absent: I was taunted by pupils in class that day. When I complained, I was told that my illness had caused me to "lose professional credibility" with the pupils.


My child's primary has a list of absenton a trip children that is put up on six noticeboards around the school. On one memorable occasion it stated:

Mon am. Year 6, Ironbridge

Tues am. xxxx, father's funeral (suicide)


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