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Will Katie Price open the model free school?

When one of the Chuckle Brothers tried to help set up a free school in Rotherham, it all went pear-shaped. Now Katie Price has stepped up (with documentary film crew in tow). Her Kent free school will cater for disabled children, so anyone who jokes about it looks ungenerous. According to Toby Young: "Some 337 groups have applied to open a free school next year - but if Katie's group is successful, I think that number will double or triple." Joy.


The Katie Price School for 'Air and Bewtee? The Jordan Academy for Girls Who Don't need to Define Themselves in Relation to an Achingly Good Looking but Ultimately Thick Man?


To be fair, she does have a disabled son and presumably cares a lot about the education and support available to children with similar special needs. I'm only trying to avoid going on to anti-Katie Price autopilot here. And, for the record, I'm no fan of free schools.


I think that every school should be free of Katie Price.

bonkers 704

The Alex Reid School of Sports and Cage Fighting?


Can she be worse than Katharine Birbalsingh?


Sadly, yes.


Oh, please - let Katie Price set herself up as chair of governors. The stories will be awesome.


She's got some front.


I think she's had some of it removed, though.


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