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Dippy about Easter eggs?

Like chocolate? Then why buy Easter eggs? All that excessive packaging plus the enclosed stale air and very little actual chocolate. You've got to be brainwashed, extravagant, a "bamboozled parent" or like colourful plastic, paper and cardboard. Or perhaps a boxed-in traditionalist who likes bunnies?


I like colourful cardboard. Plus, it adds a bit of variety to the vast amounts of Dairy Milk I consume. I also got a KitKat mug for nostalgic purposes one year (and it's not like I even drink tea on a regular basis).

Captain Obvious

It's a well known fact that chocolate in the form of eggs contains extra protein, which helps your body grow.


I like thin chocolate, not thick chunky bars, so Easter eggs are ideal.


And surely thin chocolate has to be slimming? It's common sense!


That's why my figure is so sylphlike.


I like to buy Easter eggs when they are "buy one, get one free". I give the one I have paid for to one of my nieces or nephews and eat the free one myself - everyone knows that free chocolate can't possibly have any calories in it.


And when chocolate is in the form of eggs, it's mostly air.


Chocolate is a vegetable anyway. Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean; beans are vegetables; vegetables are good for you; therefore chocolate is good for you and healthy and one of your five a day.


What an excellent point. Right, I'm off to eat five Easter eggs - must keep healthy, after all.


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Tes Editorial

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