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Never upset your students before they leaveI live in fear of the day the nurse doing my smear test turns out to be an ex-pupil.


Had this done by a vaguely familiar looking woman who turned out to be a parent. Cringe!


I have had a boob X-ray done by a pupil's parent who just would not stop chatting about her daughter.

shy anne

If she's the garrulous type, I imagine she spent the evening chatting to her daughter about your norks. Sweet dreams.


My colleague was in a posh(ish) hair salon yesterday when she realised that her haircut was about to be done by a boy whose last words to her had been to tell her to fuck off about five years ago. They agreed that it would be uncomfortable for both of them and someone else did the job.


The practice nurse who collects my urine samples was in my tutor group. The midwife who delivered my grandson was in my tutor group. The person who nursed my mother (RIP) after her brain tumour surgery used to be in my tutor group. I suspect that the person who will change my nappy in the care home will be someone I taught. ALWAYS be nice to your pupils.


Never upset your students before they day they will be fixing your brakes, plumbing or computer.


Towards the end of my career I had the privilege of teaching the grandchildren of those I had once taught. One parents' evening was quite enchanting, as child, mother and grandmother all nodded in acceptance of my wisdom and guidance. There are advantages to a long stay.

Richie Millions

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