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New national curriculum 'to make languages compulsory from 7'

Where will the teachers come from? Without massive investment (unlikely) this is just so much more hot air.


Investment? Ha ha ha ha ha (evil comedy laugh).


And as with spelling and grammar, just what would you like left out of the teaching week to make space?


I do think spelling and grammar should be taught, and MFL. Chuck out most of the overloaded curriculum and give children a good, basic education. Learning a foreign language has many benefits.


As an MFL specialist, Penny, I agree. However, many young teachers have never been taught grammar and will have no idea.


Many qualified MFL teachers are not currently working as full-time secondary teachers. Some have childcare commitments. Part-time primary languages teacher would be a DREAM job for many of them.


I'm an MFL specialist and I would rather not work than teach primary. Most MFL teachers have opted to do secondary, which is an entirely different kettle of children from primary - don't make assumptions.


Old news - it was suggested in the Rose Review in 2009, which was scrapped by this government.


No child in any English-speaking country should have to learn a foreign language. If foreigners want to communicate with Brits, Americans, Canadians, Australians and so on, let them learn English.


You're not American, perchance?


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