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The end of qualified teacher status

Michael Gove has announced that QTS is no longer required for academy teachers with immediate effect. Apparently this will mean that we'll all be able to employ James Dyson to teach DT.


And the chief inspector of Ofsted could teach maths...or rather, he can't.


Bill Gates might be up for a spot of computer science teaching now.


Teaching isn't considered a "profession" any more.


Why would anyone with a degree walk in off the street and take the kind of abuse from the kids and crap from senior leadership teams that we take, without a year's brainwashing so they think it's normal?


Will these teachers have to provepass anything? Like the induction year, literacy or numeracy test? Or are these only for PGCE students?


They'll have to satisfy the headteacher sexually.


Steady on. That wasn't in my contract.


Isn't this just bringing honesty to a situation that already exists? Does anyone really think unqualified teachers aren't used all over the place?


I just can't see this doing anything other than worsening teachers' pay and conditions by flooding the market with a cheap but substandard alternative to employing a good teacher.


Oh, just carry on watching the f*ckin' Olympics.


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