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Tell us about your Inset day

Most of us are engaged in one- or two-day Insets before those delightful urchins swarm through our doors once again. What have you learned during Inset days that is insightful or useful?


A kind colleague showed me how to change the bulb on an overhead projector. It was something practical that improved my teaching.


Most colleagues are really, really badly dressed. No man over 35 should wear "leisure trousers". And I ABHOR Rich Tea biscuits.


It is truly ghastly seeing teachers in their casual clothes. Then there is the buttock-clenching embarrassment of role play. The whole day is like some awful menopausal support group.


In a one-day Inset on a prep school science course, I constructed a transistor radio. I still have it (30 years later) and it still works.


The most useful Inset I have had was spent learning how to make guitar effects pedals. Technically, the session was meant to cover performance management.


We didn't have Inset days, but were instead introduced to the latest wheeze for identifying weaknesses in the kids.


We don't have Inset days. Instead, we have to pop in for a two-hour meeting on Friday followed by a nice boozy lunch. The most important thing I'll gain will be my timetable. We never get our timetables until the day before term starts.


Ahh... a nice boozy lunch. I remember them well *shakes head*. In my place, those have sunk like the Bismarck, and even when you do have them people quibble over a pound or so on the bill.


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