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Do ghosts exist? Have you ever seen one?I've never seen a ghost, so I don't think they exist. Many British people think they have seen or felt the presence of ghosts, but apparently the French are far less likely to have had a ghostly experience.


That'll be the garlic.


Of course ghosts don't exist. Neither do fairies, vampires or werewolves.


Shame really, it would be much more interesting if they did. Apart from vampires and werewolves of course - too scary.


Our local pub is supposed to be haunted. The landlord has told us that quite often last thing at night, as he is putting all the beer mats on the tables, by the time he gets to the end of the room, the ones on the first tables are on the floor. Happens regularly.

surf kitty too

There is no "other side". Perceptions of inexplicable phenomena will always occur, but none of us will live indefinitely once our biological functions have ceased. Ghost stories are great though, I love them.


Being afraid of the dark is a natural thing. The ancients would have been on red alert during darkness when at risk of being preyed on by beasties with large jaws.


I am home alone on a cold night and I have to admit, this thread is giving me the heebie-jeebies.


We all love to be terrified. I consider myself a rational person but there are some things I wouldn't like to do on my own - Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire has this long, winding stone staircase and to imagine walking up that alone at night gives me the creeps

Tabitha Twitchet

For a short time I had a ghost cat.


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