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Should you be Facebook friends with ex-pupils?

My college has now said that we can't be friends with any ex-students. We know we can't with current students but where does the law state this on being friends with ex-students? I am friends with a select few and I am very careful what I say.


It's not law, it's common sense. Do you really need to share your holiday snaps with people unknown?


Consider other teachers who you may be "friends" with on Facebook, whose information may then be visible to ex-pupils inadvertently.


If the ex-students are now adults and you have no position of authority over them, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with you interacting with them in any way.


I think it is seeking to protect the employees from themselves. Propagation of an employee's personal photos around a college is likely to have a career-limiting effect.


If you're worried about people using embarrassing pics of you then make sure no embarrassing ones are either taken or uploaded.

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I am friends with ex-students on Facebook. We even have an invitation-only group for my subject at A level that my colleague and I administer. I've never had any issues, though I don't post very often and am always aware that whatever I post is out in the public domain.


Facebook isn't the same as talking down the pub. There's a record of what you put on there. You don't know who could use it against you.


Facebook is a dreadful invention. Hate it. Wish I'd thought of it though.


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