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Ideas so mad they just might work

Can the forum invent a crackpot idea and convince the educational establishment to accept it? Can anything be more crazy than "red pens harm self-esteem so we should use green"?

a man

Children with poor behaviour (a) should be allowed to disrupt the learning of those willing to learn, so that (b) those with good behaviour learn to deal with adversity early on.


I thought this was about new ideas not things already accepted as good practice?


Learn to read by dancing round the classroom making funny noises. Oh, that's already being done.


I think that school should have different hours, that is, start later and perhaps finish a smidge earlier. There should also be way more sport - physically wear out the little so-and-sos.


Give preferential university places to people who are least interested in getting a degree and show the least aptitude for study. Exclude from university those who want to go and have passed the relevant exams.


Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, I am going to suggest that pupils can only learn from the comfort of a reclining chair, feather duvet and pyjamas. Furthermore, to ensure their brains are truly receptive, teachers should serve tasty, healthy snacks at each transition point in the lesson.


I think the best way for the pupils to learn is for them to teach us.


How about claiming that learning is greatly enhanced when children speak very, very quietly? You could call it Every Child Mutters.

magic surf bus

Reading is a form of hallucination.


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