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Did you teach someone famous?

On the presumption that most famous people in recent history had some sort of education, there is a possibility that they were taught by some TES forum users. Are those who did proud of that association or do you regret it?


I taught a two-time Super Bowl winner while living in the US.


I taught a professional footballer. He was lazy, arrogant and had a drug issue at school.


One Page 3 stunna (sic), one famous actor and a former England cricketer.


At one time a lot of my pupils were regularly appearing on television.Usually on those programmes showing police videos.


A footballer, a rugby league player and a child killer.


Some princes from Arab countries, a Colombian actor, a German politician and the sons of a Guardian cartoonist.


An Olympic medal-winning athlete and a BBC reporter. And, sadly, a murderer.


Two male pop stars: one who likes fast cars and has appeared on Top Gear and one who has a passion for flying.


I taught the young daughter of someone who is never out of the gossip magazines. Obviously, I can say no more.


A member of JLS and a double murderer.


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