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Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is gone. Is this the death of socialism?

Sadly, no.


I liked him. His populist and opinionated policies perked up a world of capital and elitist powerbroking. I am also glad he wasn't British.


I always have a soft spot for those who buck the system. You have to have guts to stand up to the US and all its little covert ways of getting back at those who defy it.


"Buck the system". Hah! He was the system and a very unpleasant one it was, too. It's a bad idea to form judgements, political or otherwise, based on "soft spots". I have rather a soft spot for Mussolini - he looked good on a horse and wrote well. That didn't make him a good guy.


In this country, socialism died somewhere near the end of the miners' strike, didn't it?


The excesses of capitalism will one day see a rebirth of socialism, although perhaps not in this apathetic country.


It's not 1917 any more. In most developed countries, people have a lot of stuff that they like to own and retain.


I don't think it's apathy that stops Britain being socialist. It's the fact that many people have rejected socialism and don't want it back. The European Union is the perfect example of a socialist regime, and it is quite rightly viewed with suspicion and hostility.


The primary goal of the EU is free markets. What has that got to do with socialism?


Nothing. But opponents of the EU will use any lie to gain support for their narrow-minded aims, except outright xenophobia.


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