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Thatcher: the greatest human ever?

Please can we acknowledge Margaret Thatcher as the greatest human being ever to have graced the planet with her glorious presence? It's a sad day when a person of her stature is not accorded the recognition she deserves.


ROFL (rolling on floor laughing).


Whatever you say about her, it must have been tough being the only woman in the Cabinet, what with having nobody to accompany her to the toilet.


Well, unlike some of her predecessors, at least she didn't wet herself whenever the unions raised their ugly heads.


I think champagne is called for.


Brown ale, surely? The working class cannot afford champagne.


I'm not sure she'll be able to drink anything when she's dead. Maybe some milk, if that isn't wasteful?


Trouble is, many a working-class guy in the South East bought his house for #163;8,000 under Thatcher and is now sitting in a property worth half a million.


Meanwhile, as a result of there being too few council properties, people with a spare bedroom are having their housing benefit cut and there's nowhere for them to move to. And as a result of the massive house price inflation that ensued, many people are sitting in properties worth less than they paid for them and too many first-time buyers can't get a mortgage.


I thought the emperor Hadrian might be in the running. Thatcher is actually pretty lacklustre in any sort of historical context.



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