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Reactions to Margaret Thatcher's death

Whatever your politics, a formidable woman. RIP.


Even though I lean more to the Left now than I did when I was younger, I was very sad to read this.


I disagreed with her *many* principles but she held them and that is something to be admired. In this day and age, when holding a principle is anathema to a politician, that made her formidable.


I disliked Margaret Thatcher and hated much of what she did. Wishing ill of others is unbecoming to educated, civilised people, however.


She had two principles: be condescending to the poor and be a poodle to the rich.


I can't forget the way she ripped apart the lives of working people.


Never forgotten, never forgiven.


Condolences to her family. I never agreed with her and hated much of what she stood for, but she was indeed formidable and stood up for what she believed in, unlike today's crop of spineless idiots in Parliament.


Thatcher inspired either adulation or utter loathing, in roughly equal measure, and there was almost no fence-sitting regarding her.

bonkers 704

The last British prime minister with a backbone. I loathed what she did to the working classes and in particular how she killed off our manufacturing base. But she did what she felt was right and stood her ground; in that I can respect her.


Apparently she wasn't in favour of cremation, so the lady's not for burning.


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