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Armed teachers allowed in South Dakota

A law has been enacted in the US state that allows school district officials to arm teachers and other school staff.

The enactment of this state law in South Dakota is based on the argument that it will prevent mass school shootings such as Sandy Hook. How? Who are they kidding? This is utterly bonkers.


Just be thankful they are not arming the children. (Have I spoken too soon?)


It's ridiculous. Expect a headline in the near future along the lines of: "Crazed sharpshooter teacher turns on school."

the davy lamp

I can think of at least one teacher at every school I've ever worked in who was far too mercurial to have a gun in class. Seriously.


It would make the senior management team's observations of your lessons a bit more edgy: "What do you mean, 'notice to improve'? (Narrows eyes, cocks.44 Magnum.) You feeling lucky, punk?"


Even taking into account the enveloping gun culture in the US, this is such a dangerous development that I wonder if any thought has been given to the psychological impact on students?


Most, if not all, children would have seen and been around weapons. They will not be fazed by this.


Conjures up images of snipers on school roofs.


Should all British teachers be armed with a knife?


The proliferation of any weapon is a bad thing.



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