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'Another BBC Blue Peter Glastonbury'

Darn BBC as its married, pregnant and sober presenters descend on Glastonbury again and present sick-making nonsense about how everyone is having such a good time. These straights! They ruin festivals. They're existentially bankrupt childish idiots who never took a trip in their lives. Bleedin' Blue Peter all over again.

Jude Fawley

You wish you were there, don't you?


Aye, when Jude were a lad it were a proper festival.


God-awful place. I agree with Liam (Gallagher): "Glastonbury is like Bond Street with mud, with loads of celebrities walking around in their boots and umbrellas. I'm not having it."


Jude Fawley, I went in 1986 - it was very good. Managed to twist my ankle on the journey. The coach driver let us out for a pee. I jumped over a gate and hurt myself. Limped or was carried around the festival for rest of weekend as I didn't realise St John's Ambulance were there to help. It was very different to the modern festival then.


Never been to a "festival" as such. Never liked the recuperation by the friggin' capitalists. Shame on you all for supporting the capitalist "takeover" of the normal music lovers' local shindigs.


You can watch a fair amount live on BBC iPlayer but most of it seems quite pedestrian stuff ... At least at home you don't get all the welly-wearing middle-class idiots being rebels for a weekend before going back to their well-paid jobs.


Last time I went they still had the Travellers there, which made it much more fun. Site invasions were fun. It's all a bit too sanitised for me now.


There seems to be some strange chin fungus virus that has taken over the young men. Quite enjoyed Dizzee Rascal and Professor Green. There is a definite Glasto uniform, but it's getting boring now.



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