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Coping with the heatwave

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is "very well" and 10 is "very badly", how are you coping with the heat? Overall I'm probably a 9. I'm OK in the morning, wilting by lunchtime and no good for anything by early evening.

I've never been very good in heat, especially if there's no sea breezes to cool the air. I'm like a wilted rag at present - no good for anything. Probably a 9.
Lara mfl05

It's perfect, as far as I'm concerned, and summer as it should be.

I'd rate myself a 3. I love spending as much time as possible outside . (but) the heat doesn't like me as much as I like it and I am having issues with heat rash.

I'm wearing a jumper. It's cold inside - my walls are 3ft thick and the house gets little sun on the front or back rooms.

Until yesterday I was a 1, possibly a 2. Now I'm an 11, possibly a 12 *sulks*.

Hate working in it (sweltering office with no windows that open, no air con and massive picture windows right next to where I sit). Love it when I'm not working.

I'm a 1 or 2 until about 5pm and then the humidity really hits me. I don't mind the heat but I do mind feeling all muggy. Besides, it makes my hair frizz.

I am not coping. I am just about on my feet . (but) I feel very irritable and some of the kids are so difficult to manage that I wonder how this (has been) my job for so long.

It's playing merry hell with my sleeping pattern but otherwise I'm doing fine.


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