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First-day advice for new teachers

What is the most important advice we can offer newly qualified teachers (NQTs) embarking on their new jobs this week? "Bring your own mug" is the most popular response I've had on Twitter so far.

Do a lot of listening and a lot less talking.

No advice but lots of good wishes. My NQT year was knackering but I loved it to bits.

Pretend the training day is useful and inspiring, and all the senior leadership team's PowerPoints are really interesting.
magic surf bus

Go home at lunchtime. Don't go back. Get a better job.

You old cynic, Scintillant. Watch out for old cynics - they are often right. Listen and learn, don't offer too many opinions and get the lie of the land before being yourself.

Don't ask questions at the end of a meeting when everyone wants to go home.

Stick it out. The first term, and even the first year, in any school can be very difficult. It does get better.

Don't take advice from colleagues as infallible. Do your own thing but without making it too clear that you are. Play to egos in the beginning. Let your work speak for itself.

Befriend all support staff. Find out the school discipline policy (both on paper and what actually happens). Remember that children don't mean anything personally, no matter how personal it feels. Be confident in the material you are teaching. Learn the students' names, fast.


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