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What career did you choose after teaching?

I've decided to leave the teaching profession but I'm still weighing up my options. For those of you who have left, how did you feel? What did you do instead? And are you enjoying your new career?

I chose law or, rather, it chose me. I am working towards becoming an advocate in employment tribunals. I haven't yet had the joyful "hit" that I used to get from working with students, or the pride in being really good at it. I used to laugh a lot in classrooms. I have a sense of a job being well done but there aren't many laughs.
Gardening Leaves

I left teaching to do landscape gardening and wandered back to teaching on and off. Came back fully to teaching later on.

In a relatively brief teaching career (six years), this is the second time I've left to be a freelance, self-employed illustrator and artist.

1) Gigolo. 2) Master of the universe. 3) Secretary of State for Education. 4) Brad Pitt's body double. 5) Inveterate liar on internet forums. 6) I haven't left yet, so retirement.

Dominatrix *lash lash*.

Oooh, I hadn't thought of that one. Might put it on my list.

Being 60 and "unemployable", my latest career is genteel poverty.

House husband. My primary-teacher wife comes back to home-cooked meals, spotless house, no washing or cleaning, packed lunch ready for the next day, dogs and cats fed and watered, and all the little jobs I've been putting off for about eight years getting done. It's amazing how little money you need when you put your mind to it.


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