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From the forums - Blue Monday

The third Monday in January is widely suggested to be the most miserable day of the year. But a poll for the Church of England found that most people are content. What do you make of this?


I don't feel the least bit blue today. The weather is relatively mild, no blessed snow and this afternoon I have the carpet fitters coming to recarpet the downstairs.


If I am blue today, it is a zingy, bright-summer-sky blue, having just returned from the hospital with good news. Even the weather has come out in sympathy.


The CofEYouGov stats make fascinating reading, with family and partners coming out as the most commonly stated "blessing". I don't feel any less or any more "blue" today. It's just another day.


It's my birthday today. I don't like birthdays - never have. We didn't really celebrate them, growing up. Started the day blue as all hell, but now I feel pretty chipper.


Not bad today but yesterday I had a real "blue" day. Woke up feeling particularly negative and couldn't shake the feeling all day.

Lara mfl05

The only thing blue here is the sky. It's my favourite type of weather - freezing cold and crispy fresh. I went out for a run in it yesterday. It was a novelty not getting soaked or blown the wrong direction.


It might be worse if it was a miserable, dreich day. Students were a bunch of pillocks today, I have a slight headache and am tired through lack of sleep. Does that count?


I'm a bit tired but that's owing to burning the candle at both ends at the weekend. Only things blue are the sky and my shirt.


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