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From the forums - Does it feel like Christmas?

Well, `tis December. Walking through town I encountered a choir belting out carols, a Christmas market, shops fully decked out with decorations. And I didn't mind. Or are you like my dad and Christmas can only be mentioned on the 24th?lanokia

I'm with your dad. This is Advent.cuteinpuce

I bow to family pressure and put the trees up on the day the children break up from school and then have to grit my teeth throughout the festive season as the same pressure won't allow me to take the trees down until the beginning of January. Just call me Scrooge ;-)poemeelectronique

Trees!? How posh are you, poeme?cuteinpuce

Tomorrow we start full-on Nativity play rehearsals. The classroom is prepared for all the decorations being put up. I won't do anything at home for a couple of weeks, when I'll get my grandchildren to help.InkyP

Woooo Christmas! *lanokia runs around in circles*lanokia

I've got my eyes firmly set on 2pm on 19 December when I down tools until 6 January. It's going to be blissful.Jude Fawley

The traditional response in now due. Bah, humbug!tidal

Apparently it's officially Christmas in our village as they had the switching on lights ceremony.modelmaker

Christmas! Woooooo.lanokia

*Overexcitedly runs in a circle the opposite way to lanokia and bumps heads* - Ow!Mangleworzle


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