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From the forums - Have you ever done something foolish?

Driving home I saw what looked like an accident, so I pulled over. It was pouring with rain and there were no street lights. I was confronted by several youths in hoodies and for a fleeting moment felt extremely foolish. Fortunately, it turned out to be a car full of young lads who had drained the battery - they were most impressed to find that I had a set of jump leads and one of them told me I was a "regular diamond" for stopping. What have other people done that seemed a good idea and then they realised perhaps it wasn't?Lalad

Hmmmm. where to start?cosmos

There isn't enough space in the box! In your case, Lalad, if it were my son and his mates in the car, I'd be grateful that someone was kind enough to stop and help. Most people are perfectly nice, and we forget that a bad outcome is very unusual.Lilyofthefield

Have I done something daft? Two marriages, two ex-husbands. `Nuff said.poemeelectronique

Likewise. Well with the opposite sex, not husbands obviously.jacob

Looooooooads of stuff. What I did as a student has me blanching at the thought that my daughter could do similar.coffeekid

I think that's a huge part of character development, coffeekid. And at least you'll have an idea of what you're talking about if you ever have to speak to your daughter about anything. But having said that, I still shudder at some of my behaviour in my early twenties.rachelpaula008

Standing in a tree while cutting off the branch I was standing on!oldsomeman

So much is down to timing. Getting out of a situation at just the right time can mean the difference between tragedy and lucky escape.kibosh


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