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Will you be working to rule?

Although I'm essentially in favour of what is proposed, I think I might feel a little bit guilty about, for example, not handing in planning or replying to mails outside of working hours. This is mainly because I work in a small school with few staff and I feel as if I would be letting others down or increasing their workload.


I have been working to rule for 26 years...Why should I change now?


The only thing that we actually do differently from before is that we refuse to answer the staffroom phone if it rings during lunchtimes.


It has been made clear where I work that our head doesn't take the view that we currently work the requisite hours anyway, and if we choose to work to rule then they will make sure life is harder. The threat is there for anyone who can read between the lines.


As a union rep I will continue to "work to rule", because I have a life and because I'm not a toady to the head. I think for myself, do a good job and won't waste time on non-essentials such as voluminous planning.


In my school we still have to supervise our tutor groups during wet lunches. I was the only member of staff who questioned this in regards to "work to rule" last year.


I teach in a one-form entry primary. Three of us went to the head on Friday to tell him that we would no longer be handing in planning for scrutiny. Other, younger members of staff said they would be too scared to join us. We also said we wouldn't do any after-school clubs.


As I am on a "one year in the first instance" contract I am feeling very apprehensive about such things. We are expected to meet oncetwice a week at lunch and I have already been told that I am attending open evening, celebration evenings and so on. I want to make a stand, but I also want to keep my job.


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