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Foundation for a better system

NO other country in the world tests children as young as seven.

TACTYC, the Professional Association of Early Childhood Educators, refutes the notion once and for all that "earlier means better" and notes that there is no evidence to support the view that formalising the curriculum earlier leads to deeper learning or even higher scores in tests at a later stage.

The Welsh Assembly has seen fit to abolish national tests at seven because it felt that teacher assessment and tests produced similar outcomes that the assessment process was merely being duplicated. It also wishes to see enriched curricular experiences being offered to young children.

We warmly welcome the foundation stage and feel it needs time for this to become established. It is already having an impact on key stage 1 and should be allowed to influence the later stages of primary education, play and experience-based curriculum. It should not have, as its ultimate aim, the achievement of high test scores at age seven.

Deirdre Cook

Secretary, TACTYC

BCM Box 5342


London WC1N

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