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Foundations need a chance

I was interested to read articles in FE Focus (October 13) seemingly writing off the foundation degree system. To quote Mark Haysom's Viewpoint, is this yet another sign of the "British disease" - knocking it before it has time to prove itself?

At West Nottinghamshire college, we have worked hard to ensure that our foundation degrees are rooted in our vocational strength and the needs of local employers. The good work done by my college is, I am sure, replicated by many others.

I agree with the sentiment that such degrees should be FE qualifications, owned by colleges who would offer them as a modular pick-and-mix package to suit busy employees and employers. This flexibility could make the qualification better. By all means let's look at ways in which the system can be improved, but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Asha Khemka

Principal, West Nottinghamshire college

Derby Road, Mansfield

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